Did you know the average American consumes more than 4,500 calories during a typical holiday gathering? From the main Thanksgiving dinner to the grazing and drinks, those lofty calories surpass 1 pound of fat and are equivalent to three full sticks of butter – yum!

This Thanksgiving, to help you trim the fat (and we’re not talking about the turkey trimmings), we offer these sure ways to burn the extra calories:

Brisk walks
Take a post-dinner walk around the neighborhood and enjoy the scenery. What better way to give your metabolism a kick than with a little exercise? With a fast-paced walk you can reap the benefits after you’re back on the couch, likely indulging in pie. Depending on your weight, walking for 30 minutes can burn more than 100 calories.

Day-after shopping
Partake in Black Friday shopping. Not only will your wallet thank you for saving money on holiday gifts for loved ones, you’ll get your steps in, too. If you’re speed walking to snag the doorbuster deals, then you’ll burn more calories!

Get sleep
Get a solid night’s rest before and after a big meal. Sleeping will help rest your body and can burn 20 to 30 calories depending on length of rest and body weight.

Studies have found that laughing truly does burn calories. Laughter helps to increase energy which in turn burns around 50 calories per 20 minutes of laughing. So, bring out the games this Thanksgiving as my family always does, and let me tell you, the giggling sure ramps up then.

If you’re the Thanksgiving day host, give the house a good cleaning before the guests arrive, and tidy up after the feast. All those plates formerly full of food can lead to a little turkey trot-type workout. On average, 135 to 200 calories can be burned through household cleaning.

Thanksgiving only comes once a year. This season, remember to give thanks for all you have and enjoy the delicious homemade cooking. Just remember to keep your waistline in mind and add simple activities to burn more calories. Welcome to the season of good eating.

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