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  • Fun fact: hiccups in babies are actually a good thing - it's an indication that the baby is well-fed.

  • When holiday leftovers are stacking up simply line a casserole dish with meat, vegetable and potato leftovers to create a holiday-themed Shepherd's Pie.

  • Don't let your hard-earned money go through the roof! Have your furnace serviced each year by a heating professional to be sure it's working properly.

  • Did you know: babies cannot taste salt until they reach about five months of age?

  • Watch out for the extra holiday calories - It's easy to consume an extra 100 calories each day with 36 days of holiday.

  • "I realized early on that when things go wrong, it's important not to give up." - Danielle Green

  • In addition to getting the flu vaccine, take everyday preventative actions like washing your hands and staying away from those that are sick.

  • Eat more canned pumpkin this season! Canned pumpkin has significantly higher levels of fiber and Vitamin A than fresh pumpkin - the secret is in the concentration levels as a result of the canning process.

  • Try lifting weights for 20 minutes after an important meeting or class lecture. A 2014 Georgia Institute of Technology study found that episodic memory is enhanced by a short burst of resistance exercise.

  • As a caregiver, remember that you are most helpful to your loved one when you are in good health and spirits - Don't forget to take care of yourself too!