Promoting an awareness of healthy living is an important mission that we at Sams Club embrace. Were continually looking for ways to deliver health and wellness solutions to you, our valuable members, while ensuring that you have the best products and services possible.

As part of our ongoing focus, we’ve made a few improvements that you’ll see moving forward in our Healthy Living Made Simple magazine. you’ll notice a new, fresh look and cleaner copy reflecting the contributions of qualified health experts, along with your valued ideas and comments.

We’ve gathered your opinions on what were doing right and, even more importantly, what we can improve upon, and well continue to make changes that give your input a larger presence throughout, such as the expanded recipe section and focus on healthy foods and offerings.

Were extremely proud of the fact our Pharmacy was ranked Highest in Customer Satisfaction with Mass Merchandiser Pharmacies in a 2012 J.D. Power and Associates* study. We give them a forum to share their knowledge with you in our Pharmacist and Optometrist Q&As, along with updates on valuable in-club health screening information. Your input from focus groups and email surveys let us know that oral health is an important topic, and allergies are always a hot topic in the spring. With those two themes for this issue, our engaging, informative content for March/April includes:

  • The most widespread spring allergens, natural solutions for allergy relief and great advice on how to combat pet dander in your home
  • The benefits of cardio training, energizing yourself by getting outside and protecting your skin while doing it
  • We value your input on Healthy Living Made Simple and hope you enjoy the magazine as it reinforces our ongoing commitment to provide relevant health and wellness information that enhances the benefits and savings from your Sams Club membership. Please feel free to share your thoughts with us at and tell us what you would like to read about in future editions

To your health,


Jill Turner-Mitchael is a Registered Pharmacist and the Senior Vice President, Health and Wellness at Sam’s Club.