Member’s Mark™ fish oil recognized for its quality and sustainable sourcing methods

The journey from fish to fish oil is one with many steps. The steps taken as the fish are caught and processed make a tremendous impact on the health of the waters we take fish from and the quality of the fish oil we produce.

That’s why Sam’s Club seeks to create the highest quality, freshest fish oil we can. We seek to preserve fishable waters in the process, and we have been nationally recognized for our efforts.

The fish we select for our line of Member’s Mark fish oil products are sourced exclusively from Alaska’s Bering Sea. Once caught, work to extract the oil begins within hours to ensure a fresh, food-grade quality product. This fresh oil is maintained in optimal conditions to preserve superior quality and transferred for processing at a family-owned purification and concentration facility in Ohio. There, a cold crystallization technique, together with advanced concentration and filtration processes, yields a uniquely fresh and pure oil with high levels of the omega-3 fatty acids that support heart health. It takes time and effort to bring these fish oil products to stores using these methods, but the quality shows.

The Marine Stewardship Council, which works to create sustainable seafood supplies, recognized the efforts of Sam’s Club in our push for a better, cleaner product. The MSC honored Sam’s Club with the 2017 Ocean Champion award. It’s the first time the award has ever been given.

Recipient of the Ocean Champion Award for Environmental Sustainability.

Our Member’s Mark fish oil products provide the heart healthy omega-3s that studies have shown may positively impact the function of your eyes, skin and brain. And because of the high quality of the oil we use, our products don’t cause the fishy burps you may have heard about with other products.

We always strive to bring top quality products to our shelves and to offer great value to our members. Member’s Mark fish oils are comprised of fresh, high-quality, environmentally sustainable ingredients.

When you look for fish oil products, look for the blue Marine Stewardship Council ecolabel, which certifies the catch is sustainable. Look specifically for Member’s Mark fish oils, which come in several sizes and strength formulations. And look to Sam’s Club to continue providing you with the freshest, highest quality products available.

Jeremey Sudduth is senior merchant of OTC for Sam’s Club. He has spent 10 years in various roles at Sam’s Club, including three as a merchant in OTC.