I would like to tell you how very wonderful all of the people who work in the Pharmacy area are at the San Angelo, Texas, Sams Club. They are always helpful, willing to help everyone, even by coming out from behind the counter to help someone. I have seen Pharmacists drop what they are doing and help an elderly person find something that is near the Pharmacy area. This fantastic attitude is carried over to the Pharmacy techs and other team members. I have been a member of Sams Club since they arrived here in San Angelo. They are never too busy to answer questions.

Sometimes our busy lives own us instead of the other way around, and we neglect ourselves. One day in 2008, I was shopping at Sams Club and was rushing around getting groceries to fix lunch for about 20 men who were helping my husband pour and finish concrete at our house.

I credit the caring attitude of everyone who works at Sams Club with saving my life, and my husband of 49 years is very grateful to them!

I was pushing one of those long carts, sweating and beet red, huffing and puffing at the same time Sams Club was hosting one of their monthly health screening events. I was asked by one of the people who were giving health screenings to let her test my blood pressure. Being a little annoyed because I was in a hurry to get home, I told her no thank you because I thought it was just asthma, but she was so sweet and insistent. I had never been diagnosed with high blood pressure so I really wasn’t interested. But because she insisted, to be nice to her I let her do the blood pressure test.

She was so alarmed that she asked the other nurse taking pressures to check me again. After the second test she said, Mrs. Stewart, your blood pressure is at stroke level. Can I call an ambulance for you?

I don’t think it really sank in at the time how dangerous it was. Needless to say, I was in a hurry. I went home and fixed lunch, but later that afternoon I told my husband about the blood pressure and that I did not feel good at all, and he took me to the ER right then. They checked me in, and the next morning I had a heart catheterization and four stents were put in at that time because of the severe blockage. That was the first of 10 heart procedures I have had since then. I had been to the doctor the week before, but they did not catch my blood pressure because I wasn’t exerting myself.

I credit the caring attitude of everyone who works at Sams Club with saving my life, and my husband of 49 years is very grateful to them! Those few minutes I took out of my morning to not be rude to a very caring person certainly did save my life. I wish I had gotten her name so I could personally thank her.

All of the San Angelo Sams Club Pharmacy staff needs to be thanked by the Sam’s Club owners because your company is only as good as the employees, and they are the best.

Did you know?
You can get your blood pressure checked for free anytime through the SoloHealth Kiosks that are available in all clubs with a Pharmacy. The self-service kiosks also offer free tests for vision, weight, body mass index and more.

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