A Sam’s Club Pharmacist shares exercise and nutrition tips that can help you actively maintain your health.

Ample exercise and smart nutrition, in conjunction with the management and prevention of disease, are keys in healthy aging. Along with the many sources of information available for help and guidance as one ages, a pharmacist can play an important role as one of those outlets. Pharmacists counsel patients each day while dealing with a wide variety of health conditions, nutrition plans and exercise capacities. Building an effective relationship with your pharmacist is essential to setting and reaching goals that allow for healthy aging. Incorporating a healthy diet and exercise into your lifestyle is crucial to staying healthy throughout the years.

The risks for developing diabetes, cancer, heart disease, Alzheimer’s and dementia, osteoporosis, and countless other diseases increase as one ages. Regular consultation with your physician and your pharmacist will allow you to better manage the effects of these diseases and also get on track for prevention of others. Taking medications as prescribed and asking questions when you have concerns are vital. Regularly scheduled lab tests should also be monitored so adjustments can be made in medication regimens if needed.

Proper nutrition is also a vital step to healthy aging. Over-eating, under-eating, changes to taste and smell, decreasing sense of thirst and inadequate resources for proper nutrition are all contributing factors to poor nutrition. Remember to focus on foods based on their amount of protein, carbohydrates and fat, along with vitamin, mineral and fiber content. Change up your diet to consume fewer processed foods. Following a healthy eating plan may help in treatment and prevention of the disease states mentioned earlier.

An active lifestyle is fundamental for your health throughout the years. Start an exercise program, no matter how simple. Any form of exercise is an excellent outlet to help improve body function, mind, mood and memory, as well as disease management and prevention. Start by focusing on who or what is your motivating factor and work from there. Improving your exercise capacity can also impact medication regimens for the better.

Pharmacists are a knowledgeable resource to turn to for advice on medications and over-the-counter (OTC) products, particularly for guidance on those products that may be beneficial for healthy aging. Omega-3 supplements are an OTC product I recommend regardless of age, as they have shown great benefits for the aging population. Supplementation with omega-3 products containing EPA/DHA may help with immune function, heart heath, mental acuity, eye and dental health. Bone mineral density may increase, skin can become less dry, joint mobility could improve and inflammation might decrease with regular omega-3 supplementation. The great thing about omega-3 products is they do not require a prescription, have little to no side effects and are relatively inexpensive. I strongly suggest having a conversation with your pharmacist regarding omega-3 supplementation the next time you visit them at your local club.

We all know that aging is inevitable, but taking an active role in creating your own healthy lifestyle can make all the difference.

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