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Healthy Living Made Simple (HLMS) magazine is committed to delivering exceptional value and quality by providing health and wellness initiatives. The bimonthly publication delivers dynamic themes, relevant topics and doctoral insights directly into the hands of over 4 million readers. Our primary goal is to highlight healthy lifestyle decisions that can pave the way to total well-being for all Sam's Club members.

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To provide cutting-edge insight from industry professionals.

To deliver solutions and help create a better quality of life.

To exhibit health and wellness resources Sam's Club offers.


Healthy Living Made Simple is a Sam's Club publication produced by Ivie & Associates Inc. We would love to hear your feedback; email the editors and send us comments or feedback at hlms@samsclub.com, or write to us at Healthy Living Made Simple, 1703 Phyllis St., Suite 202, Bentonville, AR 72712.


Healthy Living Made Simple (HLMS) has one of the largest distribution of any health and wellness publication in the U.S. The print edition started in 2012, with the presence expanding to include a mobile app in 2013 and the website healthylivingmadesimple.com in 2014. HLMS has produced hundreds of articles from industry professionals focusing on health and wellness solutions that help readers create a better quality of life. Inspiring cover celebrities have included TV personalities, music legends, fitness experts, award recipients, Olympians and hall-of-fame athletes. The magazine’s national readership of millions of men and women proves HLMS to be a leading source of health and wellness expertise.


Sam's Club Staff

Senior Manager,

H & W Business Development

Audra Myers

Senior Director,

Health and Wellness

Jennifer White

Contributing Staff

Emily Cowin

Jessica Ingoglia

Jessica Flores

Medical Content Review

Jeff Stidam, M.D.

Regulatory & FDA/FTC Review

Jason Mueller

Publishing Staff

Publication Manager

Kristin McDonald

Advertising & Digital Manager

Amy Butterfield

Editorial Staff

Executive Editor

Jodi Marsh

Senior Copywriter

Chad Eiler


Kevin Kinder

Lynn Hess

Copy Editors

Janessa Kleffman

Jessica Watkins

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Assoc. Creative Director

Tricia Mailer

Publication Designer

David Hovey

Veronica Zucca

Digital Staff

Digital & Strategy

Anand Shah

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Wilmer Ramirez

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Kimber Scott

Our readers can count on several recurring themes and topics in each issue of Healthy Living Made Simple.

Club Insider

Sam’s Club offers Pharmacy, Optical Center and Hearing Aid Center services in-club and most locations. Professionals from these fields share relevant content in their expertise. Pharmacy: Information on prescription and OTC medications, health care coverage, immunizations and more provided by Sam’s Club Pharmacists. Optical: Everything you need to maintain healthy vision, including designer frames, the latest technology in lenses and contacts, eye exams and more from Sam’s Club Optometrists. Hearing: Identifying and treating hearing needs with quality solutions including the latest technology in hearing devices. We keep our readers current on the upcoming Health Screening events as well as provide information on overall wellness topics. Sam’s Club Buyers also share research, development and changes to members’ favorite products.

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Caring for a child presents unique questions regarding health and overall development. Our content focuses on ways to raise a healthy and vibrant child from pregnancy to preschool. Also, we provide tips for parents to help keep their own wellness in mind.

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Our content focuses on how eating healthy helps improve all aspects of that well-being. Through the Superfood Spotlight, healthy recipes and articles focused on nutritional supplements and diets, we help readers make smart decisions toward healthy eating.

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Working out contributes to your overall health. Our content educates families on how to lead a healthy lifestyle, no matter where you are on your fitness journey. Our stories cover topics including fitness tips, workout regimens and stretching.

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The role of caregiver is important and often stressful. Our content provides guidance on how to maintain a good quality of life for your patient or loved one. We cover the specifics of caregiving for Alzheimer’s patients to stroke survivors, as well as how to plan travel and encourage exercise when possible.

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Health education is important if you are fighting a cold or struggling with a more serious illness. Our content focuses on topics from hearth health and diabetes to osteoporosis and healthy aging. Understanding is the first step to disease recognition and prevention.

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Lifestyle is your catch-all from beauty- and pet-related topics to celebrity interviews and back to school tips. These feel-good articles provide tips for your day-today life outside of traditional health, fitness and nutrition.

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Web Exclusive

We give members a platform in which to express their voices through letters to the editor and special spotlight pieces explaining how Sam’s Club has positively impacted their lives. Additionally, online exclusive articles written by members of the HLMS blogging and writing team cover topics related to personal issues, health and lifestyle.

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Our staff works diligently with doctors, experts and professional contributors to provide accurate, original content. All appropriate publication content goes through medical and regulatory FDA/FTC review.