The Healthy Living Made Simple Advisory Panel members bring a wide range of expertise and knowledge to help us improve magazine content and define direction for future issues.

Judy has been a loyal Sams Club business member for several years. Ten years ago, she took ownership of an assisted living facility in San Dimas, Calif., that was established for elderly patients and specializes in Alzheimer’s care.

Judy has been a resident of San Dimas for 22 years. She married her high school sweetheart, and together they have three grown daughters and a 4-year-old son whom they adopted last year. Judy likes to engage in photography and travel and enjoys making scrapbooks of her adventures. She is also an active volunteer at the local school and church parish.

Through Judy’s work with the elderly, she will be able to provide expertise to Healthy Living Made Simple in a range of topics affecting that group, such as illness, hospice, general aging issues, nutrition and legislation.