HLMS Staff Writer

Heading back to school can be an exciting and sometimes nervous time for both kids and parents. Follow these steps to help prepare everyone for the new school year:

Meet the teacher

Most schools conduct an open house before the start of the new year. Take advantage of that time to introduce yourselves to the new teacher and/or the new school. If you can’t make the date, look up the school’s website and find the teacher’s picture and profile online and put a face to the name for your child.

Tour the school

Starting at a new school often seems overwhelming for young students. Attend the open house or try to take a private tour to familiarize your student with their new surroundings. It will go a long way toward easing some first-day nerves.

Reconnect with friends

Set up a play date in the weeks before classes start to help reconnect old friends who will be seeing each other in the hallways soon.

Be prepared

Make a special shopping trip together to get supplies for the school year. This helps create excitement about the coming year. Allowing your kids to pick a couple of special notebooks or pens can add to the fun. The supply list may also provide insight into the school work ahead.

Be routine-ready

Use the two or three weeks before school starts to ease your kids back into a school routine or schedule. This will help them be rested and ready for the coming year.