Make the most of family time this summer with renewed focus on whats important in your life.
Focusing on the important things in life takes work of a different kind

With summer rolling in, have you scheduled some quality time for rest and relaxation? A time to get away from it all? As you think and plan for the summer months, you may notice that things at work aren’t exactly slowing down to accommodate your focus on the family.

For many, summertime equals stressful time we suddenly realize there’s just so much to do! Surely you’ve had this happen: You’re on your way home from work, and suddenly you’re thinking about reports due, family obligations, co-worker interactions and, oh yeah, you haven’t had time to exercise in a few days. This is something more than just work/life balance were talking about right now. When you realize you’re too busy to do the very things you know you need to do get away, relax and recharge you’re beyond out of balance. With precious little extra time to spend on yourself and with your friends and family, here are three things you can do to make the most of the summer vacation you have:

1. Appreciate what you have
It’s human nature to spotlight whats wrong, off or out-of-place, so you’ll do yourself a big favor if you pause and set a plan to acknowledge what you have. To help achieve that goal, build in some kind of accounting and check-in system. As you work on the to-do list of vacation items, spend a little bit of time to appreciate what you have.Relax and enjoy today

2. Practice being present (wherever you are)
You’ve seen it: the family on their way to a vacation running through the airport, kids crying and parents not talking to each other not relaxing at all! Apparently, it seems, they’ll be able to chill out when they get there. But don’t wait until later practice now. By taking a few moments with the family to really listen and be present, you’ll prepare yourself for an even better vacation together.

3. Reprioritize your objectives
When it comes to your priorities, it makes a big difference when you focus not just on the end result, such as going on vacation with the family. By doing so, you’ll identify your MITs your Most Important things and it will be that much easier to zero in on your priorities. Now that you’re about halfway through 2013, consider updating a list of projects and goals. Ask yourself, What do I want this year to be known for?

Remember, you don’t have to wait until you have several days on your calendar to relax and recharge. Start enjoying the outcomes were all striving for time to relax, recharge and get away from it all. Heres wishing you the best for a great summer (or anytime) vacation!

Jason W. Womack, advises business and community leaders on productivity and workplace performance and is the author of Your Best Just Got Better: Work Smarter, Think Bigger, Make More. You can visit his website at and share your questions and comments via Twitter at