Coffee for your skin, not your cup

Coffeeberry, harvested from the fruit of the coffee plant, is one of the hottest botanical ingredients in skin care products due to its high antioxidant content.

Zinc oxide

Many dermatologists consider zinc oxide the most effective of all sunscreen ingredients. Active ingredients in sunscreen fall into two categories: Physical agents form a film that blocks solar radiation, while chemical agents absorb rays before they cause damage. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, zinc oxide, a physical agent, provides the best protection against UVA and UVB rays. New formulas aren’t as chalky as the zinc lifeguards used at the pool. So if you stopped using zinc because you didn’t like how the white cream looked on your skin, it might be time to reconsider.

Dont spray perfume on your wrists and rub them together. Doing so can break down the scents notes.

Bell peppers as a beauty treatment?

Not only does eating your fruits and vegetables keep you healthier, it apparently improves your looks. Thats the result of a new study published in the science journal PLoS ONE. Scottish researchers found that Caucasians who ate more carotenoids (the yellow-red pigments found in many fruits and vegetables) developed a richer skin tone that other people found healthier looking and more attractive. Eating more produce in general was associated with rosier skin tones that others found appealing.

What causes oily skin?

Sebum, an oily, waxy substance secreted by the sebaceous glands. Sebum lubricates and water-proofs the skin and hair; it also supplies the skin with vitamin E and helps it retain moisture in hot weather. An excess results in so-called oily skin.