I love olive oil and we swear by it in my household. We love it for sautéing veggies, baking tilapia fillets and we even used some to make the centerpieces for our wedding! This delightful oil is great for so many things, but one thing I never thought of was using it on my skin as a moisturizer. I took advice from the July/August issue of Healthy Living Made Simple and decided to try it out. I experimented with using it as a “lip balm” and I added it to my bubble bath. I’ll explore each use below and tell you the pros and cons of each:

Lip balm: 

Pros: I was pleasantly surprised by how much I loved this on my lips. I am obsessed with lip balm (My husband once bought me 20 tubes of lip balm for Christmas!) so I am very picky about which products I do and don’t like. I assumed I was going to hate the oily feeling on my lips, but oh was I wrong! Not only did it give a healthy shine to my lips, but it was also so hydrating that I realized after about an hour that I wouldn’t have to go back and reapply. Seriously amazing!

Cons: If only someone could package it in a more convenient “lip balm tube,” we’d be in business. It’s a little difficult to get just a little out of the bottle without spilling it everywhere, so be careful.

This new use was perfect and I definitely think I will start doing this nightly before I go to bed. I can’t stand chapped lips and I can’t wait to see if this helps me be free from them forever!

Bubble bath:

Pros: I was most excited about this experiment because this was the first chance I’ve had to enjoy a bubble bath in almost 6 months. I couldn’t wait to download an eBook, grab the EVOO and hop in the tub. Since we all know that oil and water don’t mix, the first thing I noticed were little oil spots floating on top of the bath water. I was worried that it hadn’t mixed in enough to give the full moisturizing effect, but I decided to try it out anyway. I didn’t notice anything different from normal until after I hopped out and got ready for bed.

Cons: I had the distinct feeling of a thin layer of oil (similar to massage oil) all over. I personally hate that feeling as a general rule, but I went ahead and just went to bed with it on my skin to see if it would soak up and moisturize my legs and arms. Caution: If you have any puppies in your house, they may be curious about your new smell like my dog, Lila Mae, was. She followed me around the house licking the backs of my legs all night long. J  When I woke up in the morning, I didn’t feel as oily but I can’t say that my skin felt all that much softer or smoother either. I am not sure that I would try this again, but I am hoping to research olive oil body scrubs soon to see if I can use them on my feet to exfoliate them while I sleep.

I recommend not just taking my word for anything here, as we are all so different, but I encourage you to try these new uses for olive oil, this powerhouse in your kitchen cabinet. Good luck and report back on your experiences! I would love to hear them so I can add to my beauty regimen too.