Since running the September/October 2013 article Weighty Matters on the impact of Body Mass Index (BMI), a few readers have noted that it would be helpful to show a detailed example of how to work through the calculation. For this exercise, well pretend that an individual is 58 (68 inches) and weighs 160 pounds.

  • Weight (pounds) 703 [Height (Inches)]
  • BMI = 160 703 [68]
  • BMI = 160 703 4,624
  • BMI = 112,480 4,624
  • BMI = 24,325 (healthy weight)

Thank you to all of our readers

For continuing to provide valuable input on the way that you would like to see Healthy Living Made Simple continue to grow. As we enter our third year of publication, we are always looking for better ways to provide content that you want to read and make it accessible in the formats that are most convenient to you. From cover stories you’d like to see to expanded digital access, we take your feedback to heart, and we are working on ways to incorporate them, starting with a soon-to-launch HLMS advisory panel.

TYpe 2 diabetes is preventable

I recently had the opportunity to read the September/October 2013 article titled Taking control of diabetes. I must let you know that I am very disappointed with the article. The article is two pages, and you must read well into the second page to even see the specification of Type 2 diabetes. I fully believe the public needs to know that Type 2 diabetes is preventable and 1 is not. All types of diabetes are treatable but not preventable. I sincerely hope you will make strong efforts to distinguish the different types of diabetes in all of your future publications

Courtnie S.
Maitland, Fla.

Thank you for your candid feedback, Courtnie. We certainly could have done a better job of clarifying the topic as Type 2 diabetes earlier in the article. We will be placing a stronger focus on both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes in future issues.

A Great Issue!

I was very impressed with your latest issue. As a Certified Personal Trainer and Wellness Director for a large retirement community in the Midwest, I shared almost every article with someone I work with, as well as my clients and our residents. Great information, delivered in a fun and readable format. Well done!

Jon Jordan
Atlantic, Iowa