The Health and Beauty Aid (HBA) area of Sam’s Club is home to some of our most devoted shoppers. This winter, we’re excited to announce HBA is expanding the Member’s MarkTM brand and providing new, commonly-used quality products that our members love and depend on.

Over a year ago, we set out to provide members a greater value for what they were spending on bar soaps. Our Member’s MarkTM White Beauty Bars is made from the highest quality materials on the market, and comes in a convenient 20-bar pack.

These bars are created with coconut and stearic acid, which provide a quarter moisturizer per-bar. When you look at the ingredients of the other private-brand bar soaps on the market, you’ll find sodium cholate. When that is the primary ingredient, the pH-balance of the bar gets too high and the soap ends up stripping away the body’s essential oils, which help keep skin softer and younger looking.

The development of Member’s Mark White Bar Soap took over a year, and it involved extensive in-home testing with our members. We also included branded products with our Member’s Mark samples to allow comparison testing against those other soaps.

HBA is also excited to announce the addition of Member’s Mark Makeup Removal wipes. Makeup removal wipes are a big category for Sam’s Club and this addition is going to expand it even more. For over 18 months, we went through the same in-home testing used to refine our bar soap.


We think our members will fall in love with this product once they try it. Look for sample packs, Freeosk promotions and demonstrations across the country. Each 20-count package also sports a clever design and an empowering/inspiring message on the lid. It’s a fun way to end the day or start the day off right.

As we continue to build our brand equity within HBA, members are going to find a lot of new products in the club for 2017. We think our Members will love that they can get quality products at such a value. This will better tell that story of our commitment to being better than the national brands.

These innovations, changes and improvements to several health and beauty products include liquid soap, body wash, beauty creams, high-end makeup brushes and adult incontinence items. From major upgrades in softness and overall quality, to providing clear information on the packaging, we’re going to bring marked improvement to all these items. It’s what our members expect and deserve.

Casey McLeod is the Senior Buyer for Health and Beauty Aids at Sam’s Club. She has been working at Sam’s Club for 11 years.