Sam’s Club and our consumables division are privileged to have our members look to us for their trash bag needs. For decades, we have offered our members quality trash bags at a tremendous value. As a result, our Member’s MarkTM products have developed a devoted following.

As a buyer, my responsibility to our members is to ensure we offer only the highest quality trash bags at the best value in the market place. Our members have grown to expect and deserve this.

When it comes to making a change to our members’ favorite products, we take the necessary steps to ensure it’s always the correct and proper improvement. Roughly a year ago, we reviewed recent trends in the trash bags industry and realized there was a growing consumer focus on scents and odors that occur in their homes. Of course, trash is a big source for those odors.

Within our own Member’s Mark brand, we developed an odor-neutralizing Fresh Clean Scent for our tall kitchen trash bags and introduced it to our members in February. It was a very aggressive rollout plan, and the members’ response was outstanding.

During development of this product, we spent time considering several options to determine the right scent. Ultimately, our decision was grounded on providing a very effective neutralizing odor attribute, combined with a nice, fresh, clean scent. Keeping it within our own Member’s Mark family allows Sam’s Club to offer an incredible value on a high-performing item.

In May, we added another improvement in the form of PowerFlexTM technology to our already reliable and durable trash bags. This new innovation allows the bag to stretch even further without tearing and greatly enhances the performance of the product. Additionally, we doubled the thickness at the top of the bag. Most consumers use the drawstring when removing and transporting the kitchen trash bags, and some simply grab the top portion or hem. We felt this was an area to strengthen. The length of the hem increased to 5 inches, thus improving performance in an area that is stressed during use.

For both the Fresh Clean Scent and Power Flex, we went through member testing, in-home testing and quality lab testing. Then, a team from our division personally visited the plant and tested the bags to understand the various quality attributes of this product.

One of our biggest responsibilities is to offer our members a high-quality product that they can count on every day. Due to the sheer volume of these products, Sam’s Club has the ability to innovate and guide an industry based on our members’ needs and insights. Then our members vote on our decisions with their purchases. It’s fun and exciting to know we can be agents of change.

Tom Kinzer is the Senior Buyer for Disposable Tabletop, Trash Bags, Food Storage and Restaurant Supply products at Sam’s Club. He has been working in the warehouse club industry for over 30 years and at Sam’s Club for 20 years.