TV host Cat Deeley dishes about embracing life’s new rhythms with her career, health and the joys of new motherhood as the September/October cover story. In addition to this fashion icon’s joyful life, she shares a bit more about mind, body and motherhood.

Q: You have an incredible sense of confidence; what would you share with our readers to help them radiate with their own self-worth?

A: Thank you very much, but just so you know, I have wobbly moments just like any other woman. I’m also terrified of red carpets, as I’m so clumsy. I think the key to confidence is to be comfortable in your own skin. The moment you try to be something you’re not, or try to emulate someone else, I think you can’t help but second guess yourself. Be kind, funny and smart, and you can’t go wrong!

Q: What role does meditation play in your daily life?

 A: Although I’ve tried meditation and I’m not very good at it – I’m hopeless at quieting my mind – I do think I get the benefits of controlled breathing and relaxation with yoga. I find it really sets me up for the day.

Q: How has parenthood changed the way you unwind and unplug from your career?

 A: My relaxation typically happens in short bursts – during my son’s nap times. But, if I want a real treat, then it’s a massage. First comes a bath, bottle and bedtime; then once the baby is down I’ll unwind with a massage at home. I’ve discovered a fantastic new app called Zeal, where you can order a massage any time you want and at home. I have a fantastic lady I always request named Kima. I get a strong 90-minute sports massage, and from the moment I lay on the table I start to relax.

Q: What advice would you give to other working mothers?

 A: Be kinder to yourself – you’re doing a great job! Sometimes I struggle to balance work, home and the baby, but what mother doesn’t? I’m still dealing with feelings of guilt when I leave – it’s a struggle. I try to heed my own advice.

Q:  Who or what inspires you most?

 A: My mom. She’s always been there! Becoming a mom myself makes me appreciate her so much more. Plus, now she’s the best grandma!