Did you know that babies who are breast-fed are known to have higher IQs, better academic achievement and improved motor development?
Exercise — it's always a good habit!
"You don't have to have a ton of money and be able to purchase a gym membership, a private trainer or a private chef who's going to feed you. Use what's around you." - Misty Copeland
Eat an apple as a snack to help fight allergies this season.
Do you have a small blemish? Using a cotton ball, apply lemon juice onto for a couple minutes to help dry it out.
Fun fact: Strengthening the diaphragm can also help reduce back pain, so remember to relax and take deep breathes!
"Be different and be who you are." -Misty Copeland
Eat green to stay lean! Think plants, fish, fresh and whole produce, plant protein and dark leafy greens.
Some studies have suggested that ginger could naturally improve diabetes and enhance insulin sensitivity by suppressing sorbitol accumulation in human blood cells.
Try eating your last meal of the day at least three or more hours before bedtime for a more restful night.
Did you know garlic is considered a vegetable? Garlic is a vegetable bulb and close relative to leaks, chives and onions.
The core of a weight loss exercise plan is aerobic exercise, or cardio — anything that increases your heart rate.
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"It's all about making little changes, like first weaning yourself off of soda and then quitting eating desserts. You don't have to be a nutritionist to start cutting those bad things." - Noah Galloway
Did you know incorporating good fats into your diet — which can be found in nuts, avocados and fish — help move good and bad cholesterol through your body?
Fun fact: Dark chocolate has been linked to lowering blood pressure.
Simple actions like reducing the amount of sugar you eat or taking a 15-minute walk in the middle of your work day can make a lasting difference in your health.
Did you know licking your chapped lips actually makes them worse? Keep a moisturizing lip balm nearby and apply as needed this winter.