"You have to decide to be healthy from the inside and let that come out." - Noah Galloway
Give yourself permission to take time for yourself.
For this year's holidays start a non-food tradition to keep unwanted weight gain in check.
"Don't vacation from your home workout routine. Take that routine with you wherever you go" - Scott Pelley on advice while on the go
Stay hydrated! Did you know keeping the skin moisturized can help in the appearance of stretch marks?
There are three important aspects to make any event flawless - great music, great food and great beverages.
Fun fact: Moving even 10 percent more can produce improved fitness and weight loss. Start stepping.
It's that time of year where health savings accounts make their annual updates. This is your friendly reminder to look into any changes that your plan may have.
Avoid blue-light eye strain by taking a 20 second break every 20 minutes to focus on objects 20 feet away.
Did you know pecan shells can be reused? Think outside the shell and consider them for mulch, compost, beauty products and grilling chips.
"I think in order to live a happy life, you have to be part of something bigger than yourself." - Scott Pelley
No matter how large or small, a gift is a symbol of love and gratitude.
The average individual can shed approximately 125 hair fibers each day.
The edible fungus can enhance any meal. Get the scoop in the latest Superfood spotlight: Mushrooms.
Proper body language can help to become a better listener.
Fun fact: Organized sports activity helps students develop and improve cognitive skills. It really does pay to play.
"I never imagined I would be so lucky to be living in America, doing a job I adore, and I never take it for granted." - Cat Deeley
"My advice is to find something you love doing, and you'll never 'work' a day in your life. I think this can be applied to life in general - fitness, friendship, so many things. " - Cat Deeley