Serving Sam’s Club members both young and old with valuable, informative health and wellness solutions, including products and services that support this focus, is a mission we accept with pride. Healthy Living Made Simple plays a key role in delivering our message. In this issue, we highlight the amazing story of the Hoyts, a father-and-son team whose dedication to overcome severe physical challenges provides an example of love, support and determination that has inspired millions, Today, with the Sandwich Generation of adults that provide care for both their parents and children becoming more common with our members and throughout the country, our featured topics of healthy aging, children’s health and heading back to school take center stage alongside our cover story.

Sams Club health screenings in July and August support these important themes. These include take-home DNA kits, Child safety ID kits, BMI tests, Amsler grids that detect macular degeneration and vision screening/testing before your kids head back to school. (It’s a perfect time to take advantage of your memberships optical benefits that include $40 off a second pair of prescription eyeglasses! Did you know that eye exams can also detect diabetes? In-club screenings are able to provide that important link to the diagnosis of this and other chronic diseases. Our Pharmacist Q&A also discusses medications on our new Extra Value Drug List that may be less expensive than an insurance co-payment.

The topic of children’s health includes an article on prepping for preschool that offers up valuable advice for parents preparing themselves and their little ones for this big life change. Out Family Wellness section places the spotlight on healthy living with an overview of the nutrition Facts label, which this year is celebrating its 20th anniversary since being implemented by the Food and Drug Administration. And even as summer winds down, we remind you that planning outdoor family celebrations or vacations means protecting your skin by picking up sunscreen along with the grilling items, fresh fruits and produce that make them special.

We value your input on Healthy Living Made Simple and hope you enjoy the magazine as it reinforces our ongoing commitment to provide relevant health and wellness information that enhances the benefits and savings from your Sams Club membership. Please feel free to share your thoughts with us at and tell us what you would like to read about in future editions.

To your health,


Jill Turner-Mitchael is a Registered Pharmacist and the Senior Vice President, Health and Wellness at Sams Club.