There must be something in the water at Sam’s Club #6365 in Charlottesville, VA. Last year, the Optical and Pharmacy managers, Nathan Lamb and Jennifer Lamb (no relation), challenged each other to compete in obstacle races. Now they hope to challenge the rest of the associates in Charlottesville to improve their own health and wellness.

Nathan and Jennifer want to help their co-workers find motivation to get active and eat healthy.

“The goal is to inspire,” Nathan says. “It makes me feel good being able to help other people. I love it.”
Nathan plunged himself into the world of distance running a few years ago, competing in marathons and 100Ks. But after talking with Jennifer, Nathan was convinced to give the obstacle race a try.

“After he finished that first race, Nathan wanted to know what the hardest one was. He’s definitely competitive,” Jennifer says.

It’s the difficulty of the obstacles that really sets the obstacle races apart from other events. Competitors only get one chance to complete an obstacle. If they fail, they have to do 30 burpees.

“That’s a real incentive to get those obstacles done,” Jennifer says.

For a seasoned runner like Nathan, the distances of the races weren’t much of a challenge, but he admitted to completely underestimating the difficulty of the obstacles.

“I was naïve thinking that because of my running background, the race would be really simple,” Nathan says. “I failed on the first obstacle, the monkey bars. I failed four obstacles in that first race so I had to do 120 burpees. But that’s the attraction of doing these races — challenging yourself in different areas of fitness.

Nathan and Jennifer completed a series of obstacle races this fall and plan on challenging themselves more this year. Nathan says he wants to help other associates at the Charlottesville club challenge themselves, as well.

“One of the frustrating things for me is hearing someone say, ‘Oh, I can’t do that,’ without even trying. How do you know you can’t? I will help you,” Nathan says. “I read a quote a few years back and I use it as my basis for everything that I do: ‘Your attempts may fail, but don’t fail to attempt.’ I don’t know if I’ll make it through every challenge, but I’ll at least try.”