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Traveling the world, visiting exotic locations for months at a time — not a bad way to make a living. In our cover feature, Survivor host and executive producer Jeff Probst shares how his diet, exercise, personal care and family life have changed through the 34 seasons of this top-rated reality TV show. Jeff also explains how having a family changed him for the better.

There are few moments in the life of a parent more precious than when baby first crawls or walks. There’s also a great deal of anticipation associated with waiting for those first tiny steps. Dr. Bill Sears expertly explains that no two babies will start their journey at the same point in their development. Each baby approaches these physical milestones at their own unique pace, and Dr. Sears offers some great tips and advice to make sure baby’s development is on track.

With spring in full swing and summer about to knock on our collective doors, now is the perfect time to take your four-legged friend for a walk. Unless you’re a cat owner, of course. Dr. Ernie Ward details some of the best practices, precautions and fun that can be had by regular exercise with your canine companion.

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Jill Turner-Mitchael
Registered Pharmacist Senior Vice President, Consumables & Health and Wellness