Chris Powell was an amazing, inspirational interview and a fabulous cover story for the January/February cover story issue. His message was clear, you can make a change in your life. The first step is to keep the promises you make to yourself. Then, start out with small steps and work up to being the healthy active person you want and deserve to be. We asked him 5 questions around a quick fix for healthy foods and working out.

Q: What is your favorite healthy snack when you have to grab and go?

A: “I Love almonds, you can’t go wrong. I know some people say, ‘oh, raw almonds’, but I take mine roasted and lightly salted. I’ll be honest (laughs). That’s my go to.”

Q: Is there a favorite healthy snack for the Powell Children?

A: “Fruit. That is their thing. Fruit’s fantastic. The best thing about it is that it doesn’t spoil, at least for a few days. You know here in Arizona, its 120 degrees in the car, we can have fruit. It’s beautifully portion sized and its nature’s dessert.”

Q: When you don’t have time to prepare a meal what is a dish the whole Powell family can enjoy?

A: “It’s funny because a lot of people they think they have to go to a fast food restaurant for fast food. What’s even better is you can run into a grocery store and get food just as fast, and even cheaper, in the refrigerated fresh section. It’s amazing, you can get a baked potato, you can get some rice, you can get some chicken. A lot of times when we’re on the run, we don’t swing by a fast food joint. We will swing by the local grocery store. That way everyone can get what they want. There are six of us and everyone’s got their own preferences.”

Q: What is the best full body exercise that we can do in our homes without any equipment?

A: “You can’t go wrong, (laughs) well, I say burpies and everyone freaks out. As far as a single exercise you can’t beat the burpie. It is the ultimate, but we can also create a whole little gym. Your living room sofa is a gym in and of itself. Sitting down and standing up right there on the sofa is amazing. You can do push ups off the arms of the sofa or the back of the sofa if you are just beginning. And even with the sofa you can put your feet underneath and do crunches. You can do anything and everything that you can possibly imagine right there on your sofa.”

Q: What is the best cardio exercise you can recommend if you are in a time crunch?

A: “If you cannot be running or if you are going to be isolated, like if you are in a New York high-rise or something and you need to get your heart rate up, you cannot go wrong doing jumping jacks or high knees running in place or again, burpies. That would get your heart rate up real fast. Those are usually our three go tos when we are dealing with a small space: Jumping jacks, high knees and burpies. When it comes to the best cardio exercise of all time, you cannot beat walking jogging and running. When you are first heading out, for anyone on the journey, they’ve got to walk until they can jog and once they can jog, they can run. Nothing beats that. Its cheap (laughs), because it is absolutely free! It’s what the body was made to do, and oh my gosh, even considering all the exercise equipment out there, nothing will ever beat running.”