It’s the time of year when many of our members refocus their efforts on living healthy. A big part of wellness hinges on what we put into our bodies, and there is a lot of truth in that old saying, “You are what you eat.”

It doesn’t matter if you are working on a New Year’s resolution or just want to
feel good about what you are feeding your family, the Sam’s Club Deli Department
is a great place to find clean, fresh foods that also taste great.

Part of our job is to research consumer trends across the entire food retail market space, not just at Sam’s Club. What we’re finding is the demand for deli entrées, pre-made meals, is growing. What’s happening in our deli is a convergence of convenient, easy-to-prepare dishes made from clean, healthy ingredients.

The main focus for our department is providing those clean foods without all the phosphates, nitrates and monosodium glutamate in a way that is affordable, easy to prepare and tastes great.

With that in mind we’re excited to announce the addition of Perfect Fit Meals Herb Crusted Chicken to the Sam’s Club Deli Department. It’s a sliced, herb- crusted chicken breast stuffed with a provolone uncured bacon sauce, rosemary roasted red potatoes and French-cut green beans. At 320 calories and 32g of protein, this meal provides the fuel your body needs without all the extra carbs and fat.

In staying with what’s important to our members, this product is made from fresh, clean ingredients with no artificial preservatives. The maker uses high-pressure pasteurization (HPP) to vacuum seal and preserve the meals in a way that kills bacteria and keeps the contents fresh. Perfect Fit Meals are USDA-certified healthy and fresh meals that taste delicious.

Our Member’s MarkTM Rotisserie Chicken has been a long-time favorite among members. This year we’re offering that same, great chicken already shredded. We’ve taken the prep work out of the picture, giving our members a product we know they love, and making it a versatile protein option for salads, soups, fajitas and quesadillas.

Another chicken option new to the club this year is TruGrill fully cooked chicken breast. It comes in a pack of six and is flame grilled with just a little salt. It has that nice balance of clean chicken flavor with just a touch of that barbecue char that tastes so good. We’re also adding a barbecue pulled-pork that we’re sure everyone will love.

We’re very cognizant of what’s happening in the food industry as it relates to consumer/ member concerns and trends. When developing new products, especially for the Member’s Mark brand, we do detailed sensory taste testing with actual Sam’s Club members. The process can take well over a year before we bring these products in-club. That commitment to excellence is what our members deserve.

The bottom line is, if it’s important to our members, then it’s a priority for us.

Stephen Koehler is the Senior Deli Buyer, Prepared Meats and Entrées for Sam’s Club.