There are a lot of buzzwords in the marketplace that can make shopping for food a little more complicated than it has to be.

To help with that, the Food and Beverage Division at Sam’s Club is revamping item signs and labeling on our private-brand products to help clearly denote this information to our members who are shopping for specific 
foods that fit their lifestyles.

We’ve looked at all of the claims that were being made on private-brand (Member’s Mark®) packaging and signage, and there were over 100 different callouts being used throughout the club. We recognize the need to streamline that and focus on the most pertinent information to help members make their purchasing decisions.

Based off our extensive research, we are putting a lot of focus on foods that fall into five major categories: USDA certified organic, non- GMO, gluten-free, vegan and kosher. Having these specific categories as a priority also gives our buyers something to focus on when considering new products for our members.

With this narrowed focus, we are now looking at how to consistently label and message these attributes to make shopping easier for our members. On price signs, the attributes of the product (gluten-free, organic, high protein count) will now be prominently called out to make it easier for members to identify items that t their lifestyle needs. As for the national brands, our signage will reflect what those brands believe are their most important attributes to help maintain consistency.

Our members have also shown an interest in more products featuring “clean ingredients,” meaning products that only contain two or three ingredients. In response to that, we will apply the same labeling changes to better help members find the products they desire.

From the signage to packaging, we want to ensure that messaging for our members is consistent and clear. The end goal is to identify which attributes are important to our members and consistently communicate them so it is easy to find those qualities while shopping the club.

Bethany Kiehlbauch is the Sam’s Club Senior Manager of Merchandise Strategy and Collaboration for the Fresh Food Division. She has been with the company five years after starting as an intern, and has spent time in a variety of merchandise support roles including strategy, event planning and in-club events.