For many of us, these next two months offer many social activities that don’t always lead to us eating our best or sticking to fitness routines. But we’re here to help. In this issue, you’ll find tips for maintaining a balanced diet, some advice for battling holiday excess and ways to navigate extended-family conflicts.

In our cover feature, singer-songwriter Jewel shares her amazing journey — one that has taken her from the Alaskan wilds to the top of the pop music world to creating a community that helps lead people to self-fulfilled happiness.

Without a doubt, this time of year provides some of the best-tasting food of any season. Much of it is tied to memories and family traditions that bring us a lot of joy. Those foods also end up gathering around our collective waists, in some cases delivering thousands of extra calories in a single meal. In this issue we address caloric totals of some of these favorite foods and ways to mentally and physically navigate the season.

With so much focus on food during this time of year, it only makes sense that we turn some attention to the body’s digestive tract. The lining of this system is filled with hundreds of millions of bacteria and influence everything from simple digestion to helping the body maintain a strong immune system. Our story on gut health is a great introduction to this topic and provides some insight into what foods to consume to help maintain a healthy bacteria balance.

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Jill Turner-Mitchael
Registered Pharmacist Senior Vice President, Consumables & Health and Wellness