We’ve all heard it a million times: You are what you eat, and this old adage holds truth for your overall complexion too. Picture a 50-year-old woman that loves lean and green foods and a 50-year-old-woman that likes hearty, heavy food; which one do you think looks younger? Growing research shows that proper food consumption is important not only for your inner organs but for your skin’s health as well.

Did you know skin is your body’s largest and fastest growing organ? The purpose of your skin is to protect your internal organs, so help protect your total wellbeing, think fresh and grab some of these good-for-you foods, which will in return help renew your appearance as you age:


Blueberries are full of health benefits. Not only are blueberries great internally but externally, too. This fruit, full of antioxidants helps maintain a healthy blood sugar level and aids to regenerate skin cells.


Vitamin C-rich foods like strawberries may help shield off wrinkles and age spots. Strawberries can also produce collagen to help rejuvenate the skin’s appearance.


We all know that UV rays can quickly add age to youthful looking skin, so consider consuming fruits and vegetables rich in lycopene and beta carotene, both of which may protect your skin against UV damage and early onset of wrinkles.


Before you bask in the sun, remember to lather up with sunscreen and tomatoes. Yes, tomatoes, but rather than applying tomatoes to your skin, guard your skin from the inside out and eat the lycopene-filled fruit to help protect against sunburn.


They say your mother’s always right; this is especially true with the old saying, “Eat your vegetables!” This green, stocky veggie is rich in Vitamin C and helps keep skin firm and hydrated.


Avocados are high in glutathione, which is an essential part of your diet to help your body naturally detox and ward away wrinkles.


The orange and plump seasonal favorite for many is not short of several health benefits. Pumpkin is full of beta carotene that breaks down into Vitamin A, which in turn is great for your immune system, and with a healthy immune system comes a vibrant complexion.


Omega-3 fatty acids are a vital part of a healthy diet. EPA, one of the Omega-3s, has been shown to preserve the skin-firming protein collagen and maintain moisture to the skin. Help build up your skin’s cell walls with salmon, tuna, sardines and/or cod.


Sipping on green tea or coffee helps prevent long-term damage to the skin. These antioxidant-filled beverages bring life to tired-looking cells. Recent scientific studies suggest moderate consumption of coffee may reduce some disease risks. In addition to long-term care, tea or coffee body scrubs are common DIY at-home refreshers.

Olive oil

Tip: Cook with olive oil to add more Vitamin E to your diet. Olive oil is full of antioxidants which is important for the creation of red blood cells.

In addition to eating your way to better skin, try these other helpful tips:

  • Drink plenty of water
  • Use sunblock
  • Moisturize daily
  • Get plenty of sleep
  • If you smoke, stop
  • Exercise regularly

Superfoods containing key ingredients such as Vitamin C and E, Omega-3 fats, antioxidants, probiotics, lycopene and carotene not only help against disease and organ failure but have also been linked to more youthful, radiant skin as well. A healthy complexion requires proper care for your body, so indulge in a diet of fruits and vegetables and reap the benefits of all they have to offer. Eat up to fight the clock against aging skin.