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Family caregivers are a special group of people, and across the country there are millions of family members taking care of their loved ones. In fact, a 2015 study showed there are approximately 43.5 million caregivers who provide unpaid care to an adult or child, with 82 percent of those caregivers aiding an adult age 50 or older.

Our cover celebrity knows all too well the challenges one faces when a loved one is in need. Leeza Gibbons, the Emmy®-winning host and New York Times bestselling author, was faced with the needs that accompany caring for a loved one with Alzheimer’s disease. Leeza was with her mother every step of the way during her nine-year battle with the disease. She has since taken those experiences and become an advocate for caregivers with the creation of the Leeza Gibbons Memory Foundation and Leeza’s Care Connection facility.

On the other end of the caregiving spectrum, new parents face many challenges of their own. For some, those first two years can be spent working to keep their baby’s fevers at bay. Dr. Bill Sears provides parents with some sage advice on getting accurate fever readings, ways to cool little heads and when it’s time to seek medical attention.

As we make our way through summer, it’s easy to let our diets slip and venture over to the sweet side of life. Who doesn’t love homemade ice cream? But sugar also shows up in some unexpected places. Our story on all that sweet stuff sheds some light on ways it impairs more than our bodies’ blood sugar levels.

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