A man’s skin is usually more prone to redness, irritation and itchiness than a woman’s. Many men are starting to embrace the idea of taking better care of their skin. Bravo to those guys. To achieve this, keeping your face clean and SPF-moisturized is key. This means washing your face twice per day.

Many men make the mistake of using body soap on their faces. This is a big no-no. Body soaps are much too harsh for your face. Soap can cause irritation and dry out your face. There are great cleansers that will leave your skin looking clean and fresh. Using little or no moisturizer on your face is also a no-no. A dry face is much less healthy than a nicely moisturized face.

I know this seems a bit on the obvious side, but you guys must wear sunscreen every day. The sun can and will ravage your skin. My suggestion is a broad spectrum sunscreen that protects against both UVA and UVB rays. It’s been proven that over 90 percent of damage done to a person’s skin will be from the sun. A broad spectrum sunscreen keeps your skin protected from the sun and all its damaging rays.

Here are a few other quick tips for looking your best:


In terms of your back hair, it should never be seen creeping out of any type of shirt collar. You must trim this hair once a week with a clipper.


Pick a deodorant that works on you and wear it every single day. Don’t kid yourself by thinking you’re the one adult male on the planet that doesn’t need deodorant. Women love a fresh, clean-smelling man.


One of the first things I look at on any man are his fingernails. This detail, to me, says a lot about a man’s general grooming habits or lack thereof. It’s so easy to clip your fingernails once a week. This small detail also gives the overall impression of being a well-groomed man.


Gentlemen, for the love of summer, please keep your feet groomed. No man should ever subject anyone to unkempt feet. Maintain your feet by getting a pedicure once a month. If your heels are dry and cracked, you can purchase a pumice bar to scrub them in the shower. This greatly reduces cracked skin. Also, moisturize your feet daily.

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Michelle Harvey is quickly becoming the go-to gal in the world of men’s grooming. She is a licensed barber, specializing in men’s hair, shaving and grooming. Her training, coupled with her constant exposure to the newest trend in men’s grooming, makes her one of the top experts in her field, and is regularly featured on the syndicated show, At Home with Didiayer. Michelle’s blog, GroomedByMichelleHarvey.com, is a site for the well-informed, well-groomed man.