In the September/October issue of Healthy Living Made Simple, the HLMS team asked Sam’s Club members to share their favorite family traditions. The hope is to be able to share these stories with you in the months of November and December when you are gearing up your family for the holidays.

I personally love a good tradition, and really… I even love those traditions that I wish my family would lay to rest. When I met my husband, I learned that some of the most interesting family traditions come from outside the family. I mean, there are already a lot of family differences that merge when you get married. Why not the crazy (or annoying) family traditions that come from the in-laws, aka, the family of the people we love most!

My first Thanksgiving spent with my in-laws was amazing. They are great hosts and amazing cooks. We played games, shared stories and by all means, we ate. About half way through the day, everyone kept saying that they had to listen to Alice’s Restaurant. I had never heard of this before. What was Alice’s Restaurant and why was it so important to this family?

I soon learned that it was a song. Not just any song, but a song that lasts 23 minutes. Arlo Guthrie, singer songwriter, created this song, which is actually a story of events in his life which began on Thanksgiving Day in 1965. The song is spoken to music rather than sung and it goes and goes and goes!

My husband’s family always took vacations for Thanksgiving. Camping was commonly the chosen adventure. Every trip they have taken on Thanksgiving, everywhere in the country, they have always stopped to listen to Alice’s Restaurant. Per my husband, the song comes on at noon, no matter where you are as long, as you can find a classic rock station.
The song is not really my style, and most Thanksgivings I hope that my husband will forget that we have to listen to it. He, of course, never does and we laugh about it every year. We listen to the song for 23 minutes solid while playing games and cooking food!

What’s your favorite family tradition?
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