As the summer season shifts to fall, many of our lives turn to school- and sports-related activities that find us out in the elements and on the go. In all the hustle, it can be easy to lose focus on maintaining a healthy diet and exercise regimen. The products and services we provide to our members and information contained on the pages of Healthy Living Made Simple are all here to help you and your family find that healthy balance no matter your schedule.

Our cover feature on comedian Sherri Shepherd is a perfect example of a person’s will to not be defined by or defeated by adversity. Sherri used her diagnosis of Type 2 diabetes to change her life for the better and her example serves as an inspiration to the millions of people living with diabetes.

We’re also highlighting another form of diabetes that doesn’t get a lot of attention, yet impacts more than 200,000 lives a year. Though similar in many ways to Type 2 diabetes, gestational diabetes has some very important differences. Our story details the importance of regulating an expectant mother’s fluctuating glucose levels through proper diet and exercise as well as the impacts this condition can have on her baby.

In this issue, we’re also turning our attention to some women’s health issues. We have an expert with the Cleveland Clinic who specializes in menopause treatment to detail the different stages of this condition and how to manage certain symptoms. Statistics from the National Osteoporosis Foundation show that 8 million out of the 10 million people with osteoporosis are women. Our story provides a whole person approach to keeping bones healthy as we age.

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Jill Turner-Mitchael
Registered Pharmacist Senior Vice President, Consumables & Health and Wellness