That familiar chill in the air can mean it’s time for a cozy fire, a good book and a warm beverage. It can also signal the start of millions of Americans resolving to eat better, exercise more and break some of those habits that may have been holding them back. Healthy Living Made Simple is here to help, no matter where your New Year’s journey takes you.

In this issue we provide insight into the benefits of regular health checks and screenings. Along with checkups from your regular physician, additional screenings to track some basic health numbers are an easy way to ensure risks for common conditions like heart disease and high blood pressure don’t sneak up on you. Our Pharmacists are trained and ready to provide the information our members need to ensure those important numbers stay in balance.

Throughout his storied career, our cover celebrity has done a phenomenal job of balancing his own busy schedule and big family while keeping his body and mind in peak condition to meet the physical and mental demands of a lifelong performer. Pop icon Donny Osmond shares what it takes to keep himself at the top of his game while entertaining millions of fans.

Our story on returning to a workout regimen details ways to avoid some of those more severe aches and pains. We also offer some advice on ways to fit healthy foods into your regular diet, making it less of a chore and more of new normal when it comes to everyday eating.

Our goal at Healthy Living Made Simple is to provide our members a reliable and valuable health and wellness destination. The healthy foods we carry, our award-winning Pharmacy, Hearing Aid and Optical Centers, and the wide-ranging products you’ll find in-club and online all show how important your health is to Sam’s Club.

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Jill Turner-Mitchael
Registered Pharmacist Senior Vice President, Consumables & Health and Wellness