A Sam’s Club Pharmacist explains how Sam’s Club programs such as the Extra Value Drug List can benefit members with additional savings on covered medications.

Q: What are some of the programs that Sam’s Club Pharmacy has that can help those who are uninsured or underinsured?

A: Our Pharmacies offer monthly health screenings that are free to the public. This allows both the patient and us the opportunity to get a monthly snapshot of their general health in order to identify both positive and negative trends in their condition. This also allows us the opportunity to provide free medication profile reviews for them and to discuss any questions or concerns that might be present. In far too many cases, we discover people who simply cant be compliant due to low insurance coverage or none at all. In order to help those people who find themselves in this situation, weve created an Extra Value Drug Program that allows our community to have access to over 200 medications for a set price of $11.87 per prescription. This is in addition to the 300 meds on our $4 drug list. The greatest triumph I’ve personally had so far has been to save one person alone over $4,600 a year!

Q: Are there specific disease states in particular that are covered by this program?

A: Practically every disease state has a therapeutic drug option available through this program. The most prevalent therapies on the list benefit those who are treating mental wellness, diabetes, cholesterol and cardiovascular health, and antibiotics, to name just a few. The program has had the most impact on those suffering from mental health issues. The mental wellness medication options on the list are very inclusive and provide the best opportunity to improve both mental wellness and some significant financial relief. This benefit is consistent with every disease state represented. If a persons medication is not listed, we have been able to collaborate with their physician to find a therapeutic equal that is part of the program in order to maintain their health while lifting the cost burden at the same time.

Pharmacy Tip
Plus members can save up to 8 percent on name-brand prescription drugs.

Q: Where can people learn more about the drugs that are covered in this program?

A: People can obtain this list from any Sams Club with a Pharmacy. No membership is required to use our Pharmacy, and we are able to provide an exact cost of their medications in person, in writing and over the phone. Sams Club allows us to make our Pharmacies an active part of our communities.

To get the most from your prescription and over-the-counter medications, be sure you know the following:

  • Name of your medication
  • Why you are taking it
  • How it might make you feel
  • Whether it conflicts with anything else you take

Regardless of where you had them filled, you can bring all of your prescriptions into Sams Club for a free prescription checkup to identify potential drug interactions.

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