Consistently, our members prove to us how much they enjoy the supplements we provide at Sam’s Club. So when it comes to making changes and improvements to our members’ favorite products, it’s a job we take seriously. Our goal is to continue to upgrade these products to make them better for the members’ health and a bigger value for their budgets.

When we made the move with our fish oil supplement from Simply Right ™ to Member’s Mark ™, we also made some important changes to one of our most popular products. Our oil is now sourced from MSC sustainably certified, U.S.A. wild-harvested Alaskan Pollock and Pacific Whiting.

This is one of the purest and freshest fish oils available. The process used for extracting the oil makes a big difference in the overall quality of the product. First, we start with food-grade fish caught in Alaskan waters, which are placed straight into refrigerated seawater tanks. The oil is pressed right on board the ship within 48 hours of the catch.

Next, at its American refinery, our supplier uses cold extraction and a careful multi-step process which removes impurities while maintaining superior freshness resulting in cleaner fish oil.

The quality of this oil combined with our innovative new formulation, will also help prevent digestive issues commonly associated with fish oil. This Member’s Mark product now features the addition of an essential oil blend to each softgel, including peppermint oil, to help prevent shy burps.

For a majority of the fish oils on the market, the softgel that encapsulates the oil is made from various types of animal byproduct — either bovine or porcine. We have a lot of members who won’t use fish oil supplements for that reason so we made a change. Our softgel now consists of a fish gelatin and can be used by those with a pescatarian diet (vegetarians who eat fish or seafood). This all-fish product really helps set our fish oil apart from many other brands.

We have also added new icons to the label that specifically show the intended benefits of taking this product. One key issue with any fish oil is the amount of omega-3s per pill. Remember, the milligrams of the total fish oil in each pill is not as important as the amount of each omega-3 fatty acid it contains. The levels of omega-3, specifically EPA (eicosapetaenoic acid) and DHA (docosahexaenoic acid), are key, and ours offer highly concentrated doses of omega- 3s, including 600mgs of omega-3 in the 1200mg softgel and 900mg in the 1400mg softgel.

We feel confident our members will love this new product. We want to ensure our members are getting the highest quality and efficacy on the market.

It’s the goal we have for any product you find in Sam’s Club.

Katie Schifano is the Senior Private Brand Manager for Dry Grocery. She has spent the last three years as Senior Buyer for OTC and a key contributor to Healthy Living Made Simple magazine. Katie started as a buyer trainee in Jamestown, NY, and has been with Sam’s Club for 12 years.