Energy and antioxidants are just two of the benefits of this supplement

Pure green coffee bean extract made a big splash in the media for its weight-loss properties. But other health benefits of the bean are often overlooked. This incredible green bean is loaded with key natural active compounds and antioxidants that can support many aspects of overall health.

The key: chlorogenic acids

Green coffee is simply the raw, unroasted form of the average coffee bean; in fact, all coffee starts as a little green bean. The raw form of coffee is naturally low in caffeine and loaded with powerful natural compounds, including chlorogenic acids. When the raw coffee beans are roasted at more than 475 F to achieve the rich flavor, distinct aroma and high caffeine content of roasted coffee, their chemical make up actually changes and the amount of potent chlorogenic acids in each bean significantly decreases.

Chlorogenic acids are very important because they are thought to be the natural active compounds that help support healthy blood sugar levels, which are at the center of much of the research on the green coffee bean. Additionally, chlorogenic acids are incredibly powerful antioxidants, which work against free radicals in our bodies. Research on antioxidants has demonstrated that they can support cardiovascular health, overall immunity and so much more. Experts recommend daily diets very high in antioxidant-rich foods to support overall health.

Go green

Green coffee bean extract has been called a superfood by many for very good reasons. It is loaded with incredibly potent and powerful nutrients that can make a positive impact on overall health. So go green, and make this extract a part of your wellness routine.