A little feedback on (November/December 2013) page 21, Bedtime bladder blues it would be nice if you gave people more helpful information. I believe for a high percentage of these 15% that wet the bed at older ages it is not solved at all by limited fluids and praising them for staying dry. They aren’t wetting because they want to or haven’t learned how; you’ll just dehydrate them and hurt their self-image with them thinking its their fault.

The real problem needs to be addressed. For many kids nighttime wetting is rarely about learning control. In many cases their bodies need to be trained to wake up- they are simply sleeping too deeply. My son, my brother and many others I know dealt with this. It has been proven that they sleep differently- they are not in light sleep long enough for the body to decide it needs to wake up and use the bathroom- it goes back to deep sleep too quickly, and then they pee. Using an alarm and training their body to wake up works wonders. It’s not immediate; it can take a few months, but it solved the problem for us and many others. One website I used for more information when I was going through this trying time was bedwettingcures.com. For those that have other issues checking with a urologist is also a good idea.


Hi Debbie, we really appreciate you sharing your personal experience and insight for other members. We certainly did not intend to marginalize how serious of an issue it can be in some circumstances. We are planning to explore the topic of bedwetting on a much deeper level in the upcoming issue. Stay tuned!

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