Hearing Tests

Next time you have your hearing checked, you might take one or more of these tests:

Pure tone test, which tests your ability to hear tones at different frequencies

Speech test, which tests your ability to hear spoken words at different volumes

Bone conduction test,which delivers tiny vibrations to the inner ear

Middle ear test, which checks the function of your eardrum

January Is National Glaucoma Awareness Month

If you’ve resolved to take better care of your eyes, include a check for glaucoma. The disease, a group of eye conditions that can damage the optic nerve, usually affects one in 200 people by age 50 and, after cataracts,is the leading cause of blindness in African-Americans. There are often no symptoms until the disease is advanced. Talk with your doctor of optometry about a comprehensive vision exam and glaucoma screening

About 96%

The percentage of U.S. hospitals that rely on pharmacists to collaborate with physicians in monitoring and managing patients medication regimens,according to the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists.

To help maintain healthy circulation, you can’t beet this

Not crazy about the taste of beets but want to enjoy their health benefits? Not a problem. Research published in the American Heart Associations journal,Hypertension, shows that not only nitrate-rich beetroot juice but also nitrate supplementation may help maintain healthy circulation levels.