Here at Healthy Living Made Simple we want to create a healthy living community full of resources you can turn to when you need inspiration, tips or solutions for a healthier lifestyle so we are excited to introduce a completely new website. The new site design has a more updated, modern feel and includes larger, more beautiful images and content sliders on the homepage allowing you to explore all the great content we have to offer with fewer clicks.

The new site is not only a complement to our print edition now, but also includes extended health related content, serving as a health hub where you can learn about the latest health related trends, subscribe to receiving content via digital channels and personalize your experience. Are you a new mom looking to get back into shape? Perhaps you want to see articles about Baby, Fitness, and Nutrition on your homepage.  Empty nester who loves your cats and cooking? Try editing the homepage to include articles from the Pets and Lifestyle categories. Choose what’s interesting to you and easily see those articles when you arrive at our new site.

The site is now also responsive to mobile devices and tablets. Catch up on you favorite health related topics on your phone while waiting at the doctor’s office, on your tablet while relaxing on the couch or on your desktop computer in the office. The site will scale to fit any device and present the content to you in the best way possible for you particular screen size.

The site is also now more engaging by providing you with web exclusive content as well as blogs and community articles both during and between editions.  We have created a personalized digital experience by giving you the ability to easily login with your Facebook account for commenting and personalized website settings.

Take a look around our new site and let us know what you think in the comments. We love to hear from the HLMS community!