By the cookbook: Butter
Substitution: Pureed pumpkin

Replacing half or all the butter with canned pumpkin puree adds vitamins and fiber and reduces the fat content in home-baked items. Since substituting pumpkin may affect the color and flavor, it works best with chocolate-based recipes that already have strong flavors. The texture may be a bit spongy.

By the cookbook: Sausage

Substitution: Mushrooms

The typical stuffing recipe features plenty of sausage, which is not only high in fat but also filled with unhealthy preservatives. Instead, try making stuffing with thick, meaty sauted mushrooms. Portobellos tend to be the meatiest variety, but morels also work well. Mushrooms also add nutrients like selenium and niacin to your meal.

By the cookbook: Mashed potatoes

Substitution: Pureed cauliflower

Mashed potatoes are a holiday staple. But they often contain so much sour cream and butter that they’re a caloric nightmare. Pureed cauliflower gets its flavor from things like garlic and buttermilk, has about a quarter of the calories, and has a texture that’s┬ásimilar to mashed spuds.

By the cookbook: Sour cream

Substitution: Plain low-fat or Greek yogurt

What would the big game be without dip? Lower in calories, for one. Homemade dips are usually made with saturated-fat-heavy sour cream. Using plain yogurt gives you a creamy texture with less fat and adds some healthful probiotics to your weekend football spread.