For the past two years I have been taking three different medications daily. I had always had these filled at a local grocery store near my house. One night my husband suggested that I shop around again because I hadn’t bothered since a recent job loss. I have fibromyalgia and don’t have insurance. At the time, I was paying $159.99 each month for one prescription, while the second one was $132.99 and the last one was $29.99 for a monthly total of $322.97.

I was getting supplies the next day from Sams Club on Highway 2 in Lincoln, Neb., and realized they had a Pharmacy. This was the first time I had been to this location. I asked the Pharmacist if they could get my medications and what the monthly total might be. With the Extra Value Drug List, I now pay $30.99, $19.73 and $18.79 for a total monthly price of $69.51.*This was a wonderful surprise that I have since shared with everyone. I encourage anyone who takes medications to check with Sams Club for a free price comparison. With a savings of $253.46, I am able to buy more groceries and supplies for the house without worry.

Sams Club Pharmacy has helped me in more ways than just the money aspect. I appreciate them for all they do. They are always friendly and happy to answer any questions. It’s the only place I will go from now on.

* Individual savings will vary. Savings based on cash purchases. Plus program discount applies to select over-the-counter items purchased pursuant to a prescription; see a Sams Club Pharmacy associate for a list of such over-the-counter items.

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