Finding and understanding health insurance can be complicated. But a new strategic partnership between Sam’s Club and SimplyInsured makes finding insurance for you and your employees faster, friendlier and more financially responsible.

Available for Sam’s Club members, the program connects small businesses of two or more employees with national insurance carriers such as UnitedHealthcare®, Humana®, Blue Cross Blue Shield®, Aetna® and more. Small business owners can offer medical, dental and vision plans to their employees through the program.

The Sam’s Club partnership with SimplyInsured launched April 1. SimplyInsured connects members to an insurance network of 129 providers in 45 states. The SimplyInsured system allows potential users to compare rates and plans from the various insurance providers available in their specific location.

SimplyInsured CEO and co-founder Vivek Shah compares his company’s interface to those of popular travel websites. Just as those travel sites crawl through various websites to find the best flight and hotel rates, SimplyInsured digs into the data for health insurance and offers comparisons on policies and prices.

Applying to SimplyInsured is convenient, easy and fast. The application process takes 20–30 minutes, and it typically takes insurance partners 3–10 business days to confirm the policy.

SimplyInsured then serves as each small business’ insurance portal.

“We don’t go away after you make your purchase,” Shah said.

Insurance cards can be downloaded from the site, and the cards can be accessed via SimplyInsured’s smartphone app, which means that your employees can have proof of insurance almost instantly after final approval. Changes such as adding new employees or removing those who leave the company can be handled in a few clicks.

SimplyInsured was founded in 2012 with just a few states on their roster and quickly expanded to the nearly nationwide model customers now use. Cofounders Shah and Bob Aspell built the program with the idea of simplifying the insurance-buying process for small businesses. Shah was inspired to create SimplyInsured after being asked by a former employer to find a suitable insurance policy for the company’s associates. Shah found the process difficult to navigate. He called dozens of providers, and waited days for each quote to be returned, if the company responded at all. And even when a quote was provided, it often arrived in hard to understand, legalistic terms. Shah vowed to make SimplyInsured the opposite experience.

“I wanted it to be in normal English,” he said.

The idea took off. From its modest beginnings, SimplyInsured has grown to serve as the health insurance liaison to more than 10,000 customers. The partnership with Sam’s Club is the next step in growing that number.

To learn more about SimplyInsured, visit or visit your local Sam’s Club Pharmacy. Sam’s Club Pharmacies are a preferred provider with SimplyInsured-brokered coverage.

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