This is the first issue of Healthy Living Made Simple that I’ve read (March/April 2014), and I must applaud the attention that you gave to oral health! Too often, the mouth is overlooked when it comes to overall systematic health, but this issue brought mouth health to the forefront (even for pets!) As a rural dentist in a small town, patients too often do not see the need for care until it is a pain issue. The article “Suffering mouth pain” is exactly the type of article that communities need to be exposed to. Thank you for making the article informative, yet easy to read.

Jessica M. Gower, DMD
Ridgeland, S.C.

Advisory Panel member Spotlight

Each month we will feature some of our seven panel members, who we bring a wide range of expertise and knowledge to help us improve magazine content and define direction for future issues.


Dr. Stacey Bell

Dr. Stacey Bell is a registered dietitian with a doctorate in nutrition. She is fascinated by the effects of food on the human body and maintains that proper diet can help support health or even long-term recovery from illness.

Dr. Bell began her career at the Shriners Burns Institute, where she created diets for burned children and ran the kitchen that fed the patients and staff. Dr. Bells interest in supplements grew when she conducted research on the effects of a cookie containing fish oil on immune function in patients with AIDS. She has been published extensively on the proper use of dietary supplements, including articles on weight loss and omega-3 supplementation during pregnancy.

Dr. Bell and her husband reside in Boston. Parents of three children, they also have five grandchildren. Most of their free time is spent traveling between Boston, New York and Florida to visit their children. Both are avid walkers and love to play golf together.

Dr. Bell will add her expertise to the magazine through information on nutritional guidance, dietary supplements and proper diet for exercise.


Donna Kennemer

Donna has been a Sams Club member for almost 20 years. She and her husband established an independent insurance agency in Paris, Texas from which they retired in 2011. She is a personal group exercise instructor certified by the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America and a personal trainer. Both she and her husband have a continued interest in the fitness business.

Donna currently teaches body sculpting and has experience teaching fitness classes that include high-intensity aerobics, step aerobics, circuit training and boot camp. Her husband shares her passion for fitness while working part time at a Crossfit gym. Donna is a mother and grandparent who enjoys outdoor activities with her family. Outside of fitness, her hobbies are cooking, reading and volunteering.

As a fitness enthusiast and Sams Club member, Donna is able to make meaningful contributions to Healthy Living Made Simple and further our goal of bringing relevant and reliable information to our members.