Readers like you wrote in and shared their favorite articles from previous Healthy Living Made Simple issues.

Since entering retirement, I have started using the Sams Club Pharmacy for all of my prescription needs. Sams Club has done a remarkable job with helping educate me on my prescriptions and by sensing reminders over the phone. The Pharmacy team has listened to me and made sure that I have continued taking my medications and have been continuing to improve my health. I’ve never met a more remarkable and supportive team. I truly appreciate everything they do for me to help maintain and reach my health goals.

Jonathan Carey
Denver, Colo.

Just read your article on the avocado and all is true. Were in Africa on government orders, and almost every day I eat a salad of one avocado with a sprinkle of salt and balsamic vinegar. My good cholesterol is through the roof! My doctor even asked what it is I eat that makes the results like that.

Melissa Miller

I read with interest the July/August 2013 Healthy Living Made Simple magazine in which blepharospasm (eye-twitching) was discussed under Optical services, and wanted to let you in on my experience with the disorder.

After seeing neurosurgeon who ordered x-rays, an MRI and blood work, the only significant finding was low vitamin B12. I researched low B12 causes and discovered that proton-pump inhibitors can prevent absorption of B12; I was taking Nexium. Aha! My physician ordered B-12 injections and the eye twitching was gone.. Now, I no longer take Nexium and do not need to take B12 injections. I thought this information may be useful.

Hedy R Negron, Registered Nurse
Vero Beach, Fla.

Hedy, although we strive to be complete and thorough with the articles that we present within HLMS, we realize that there will always be more to a topic than what were able to fit in print. We genuinely appreciate members like you who amplify our content by sharing a personal experience.