Readers like you wrote in and shared their favorite articles from previous Healthy Living Made Simple issues.

Thoroughly enjoyed this issue. As a 70-year-old male and longtime Sams Club member, I have to say this issue contains many articles pertinent to me as I age and start having to deal with new health issues more frequently. I found helpful information throughout the magazine, including informative ads for supplements that a doctor has recommended or that a friend is taking based on medical advice. Sams Club does a good job providing helpful information to its members that is good as many of us age and live longer.

Thanks again,
Fred Porter

I was recently visiting my sister and noticed your Healthy Living Made Simple magazine. I didn’t know Sams Club offered such a helpful publication, and Id like to receive it. I’ve been a Sams Club member since 1994. What do I need to do to subscribe? Thanks!

Pam C.

Pam, were thrilled that you enjoyed reading Healthy Living Made Simple and found the content informative. To get on the mailing list and receive future issues, send us an email at You can also access the online version at our HLMS microsite, which can be found at, or download the HLMS app from the Apple Newsstand.