I’ve been running since I was 5 years old, and I just keep doing it because its been so good to me. Now, I’m 69 and have won 22 national championships in my age group and have earned a medal at the World Masters Athletics Championships.

On average, I run 50 to 60 miles a week. A lot of people ask me: How do you still do this at your age? Well, I tell them that I show up every day and work. I don’t take any days off. If I can get on my feet, I’m going to run.

When I graduated high school in 1963, I weighed 155 pounds, and to this day I still weigh 155 pounds. The doctor says, From the neck down, you’re 25 years old. And its pretty much true. I made my mind up a long time ago that, even though I’m aging, I’m not going to be old.

Diet and exercise are the keys to anybody having a good quality of life. I try to eat as carefully as I can cereal, fruit, vegetables, fish and nearly all of it comes from Sam’s Club. I try to get my protein from fish, but occasionally I’ll break down and buy myself a rotisserie chicken. They just smell so good!

I don’t really take any supplements, but I do take a multivitamin daily, and I get those from Sam’s as well. You know how it is when you go to Sam’s Club you never know what you’re going to run across. I’ve been able to buy shoes, socks, running tights and a lot of good, healthy food.

My life is incredibly rich. Not money wise, but with good health, feeling good about myself and accomplishing things. It all goes back to the fact that I eat right, work out real hard and get plenty of good rest. I do hope that on the day that I die, I get my run in before I go.

By Ross Bolding, Rogers, AR, Member since 1983