I’ve wanted to write Healthy Living Made Simple a letter for some time, but life just seems to pass by so quickly. I am writing to tell you about and thank Brittany Walker, the Pharmacy Manager at my Sam’s Club in Columbia, SC on Forest Drive.

Normally, you probably expect letters of thanks for humans, but this one is regarding my dog, Ford ham. Ford ham was a rescue dog that was not expected to live when he was found on the side of the road. We eagerly adopted him and he grew to 110 lbs. He was the best part of our lives.

When he turned 11, Ford ham started coughing and was diagnosed by two veterinarians with cancer based on an X-ray of his chest. Because we lived near the water, the vet also prescribed antibiotics. We got them from Brittany at the Sam’s Club Pharmacy. When I went to pick up his second round, she asked me how Fordham was doing. She then asked if he was on another over-the-counter medication, out of a concern it was reacting with the antibiotic. Ford ham was, and as soon as we stopped the OTC, he started getting better. Long story short, he had some sort of condition from eating geese droppings that mimics cancer. In a couple of months the vet took another X-ray and was astonished, no cancer!

I know it was Brittany’s concern and knowledge that saved his life. He went on to live a very happy life. Sam’s Club is so lucky to have an employee and manager of this caliber. I continue to watch Brittany, over and over, take the time to greet customers and make sure they understand everything about the medications they are picking up.

Debbie B.