My daughter-in-law is a kindergarten teacher so I have kept my granddaughter since she was 3 months old. From the beginning Avery has seen life as a huge adventure, which makes her a non-stop challenge for her Grammy. At my advanced age of 80, friends often hear me say, I’m too old to be a Grandma. Recently on a particularly active day with 2-year-old Avery, I flopped on the couch and whined, I’m so tired.

Avery: Why Grammy? Me: Because I have bad knees and bad hips

Avery: and bad brain?

The kid never misses a thing.

Nancy Mayes
Point Pleasant, W.Va.

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Member recommends dog breeds for allergy sufferers

Another great dog breed for allergies is the Bedlington Terrier. It has been referred to as a non-shedding, hypoallergenic breed. My father owned one. Jake was the cutest, smartest dog he ever had.

Kendra Bland
Las Vegas, Nev.

A toddler’s sweet logic

My grandsons were having a sleepover at Grandma and Grandpa’s home. Vincent had just gone potty and asked if I would come and wipe his bottom. As he left the bathroom I asked if he was going to wash his hands. As he continued on his way, he called back to me, I’m not the one who wiped my bottom. Its fun to be a Grandma.

Marie Haney Ogden, Utah

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It’s a done deal, mom

Our son Cameron has always been a social butterfly. Since his second birthday, well, from about 20 months she became more assertive in his social expeditions, saying where he wanted to go, what color he wanted to wear and when we would go. Unfortunately, he will also let us know when he was ready to go. One Sabbath, at our book-club/Sabbath lunch, Cameron had gotten weary of the mostly female event and the limited male presence, so he decided it was time for a change of plans. He took up my bag (diaper bag/purse), tumbling over in the process. One of the moms righted him up. He thanked her and again proceeded to try lifting the bag. Several of the moms attempted to stop him. He responded, No! All done, and simultaneously signed that he was all done. Once I got up, acquiescing to go meet up for some outdoor time, he walked over to each person, gave them a hug and a kiss and then walked away waving and saying, Bye guys Cameron all done! There was not a quiet voice in the room as all the adults and big kids were cracking up over how decisive he had been in wrapping up his stint with the group.

Since then our family and friends know that once Cameron goes to pick up my bag or to collect any other items we may have come with, it is time to say goodbye. And oh, he will not leave without giving each person a hug. Definitely not the terrible twos!

Tisome Nugent, Ed.D
Orlando, Fla.

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