Sam’s Club introduces line of Member’s Mark™ diabetic supplies

Managing diabetes can be a very complex and overwhelming task. Here at Sam’s Club, we’ve been hard at work to make that process easier and less costly for our members so they can live their best, most productive life.

We have been developing a new line of Member’s Mark™ diabetic supplies for more than a year and are thrilled those products are now available to members. Diabetic supplies can be expensive, and we’re delighted our high-quality Member’s Mark products come at a great value to our members.

Our Member’s Mark meters and test strips, lancing device and lancet, pen needles and insulin syringes are available over the counter or with a prescription. Our Sam’s Club pharmacists are available to assist in ensuring that our members obtain their Member’s Mark diabetic supplies in the easiest possible way. They also have a passion for helping our members understand their test results to help control their diabetes.

These products have been designed with our members in mind and the design is aimed to provide solutions for those with diabetes. The all-in-one lancets, for instance, are a self-contained, pressure-activated device, which makes them convenient for travel and eliminates any exposed needle. The design is especially beneficial for those with dexterity loss, allowing them to execute their testing much more easily and quickly.

The value of our products speaks for itself. Our low price points and quality products offer our diabetic patients savings they can appreciate. Diabetic testing products are also an allowed expense through a health savings account (HSA), if that’s your primary method for purchasing health supplies.

We realize that diabetic testing products are a must-have commodity for many with diabetes, and we want to make sure that members can obtain them in a way that meets their needs. Whatever your diabetic situation, the Sam’s Club Pharmacy exists to help you live a healthier life.

Talk with your local Sam’s Club Pharmacist to help you find diabetic testing supplies and to better understand your test numbers. Our Pharmacists are here to help, and armed with a new line of Member’s Mark diabetic testing supplies, they are better equipped to help you find what you need at a great value.

Cristina Easterling, Pharm. D, has been in the retail industry for more than five years. She has been a buyer at Sam’s Club since June 2014.