Member satisfaction is at our core

Developing a superior bath tissue requires quality paper, engaged collaborators and plenty of research. But our secret to success? Its you.

When we set out to improve Members Mark Bath Tissue, the journey started and ended with one question: What does our member want? Even though our product was already popular, members who were surveyed told us there was room for improvement. Specifically, they wanted the softness and durability of the leading national brand at the incredible value expected from the Members Mark name.

With our goal clearly defined, there was only one thing to do. We flushed our existing bath tissue and set out to develop a whole new role.

First, we conducted extensive member research to determine the attributes that were most important to our members. Those results led to the creation of several prototypes to find the right balance of softness and strength.

We then went back to Sams Club members to see whether the new bath tissue would earn a place in their homes. They agreed to test the product for durability, softness, cleaning ability and additional qualities. Though the results didn’t prove whether its better for tissue to hang over or under, I was thrilled with what members did say. The new product not only beat the previous tissue, but rivaled the leading national brand.

Members’ perspective

We tried Members Mark Bath Tissue on a challenge and found it to be much softer and a better value.

Katie H. | Sams Club member | Springfield, Mo

At last, we had the right role for our members. To announce its release, we redesigned the packaging with fresh graphics and color schemes. And my favorite part we were able to increase the pack size from 36 to 45 rolls, further increasing the value for you.

The new and improved Members Mark Bath Tissue hit clubs in March 2013, one-and-a-half years after the journey began. As satisfying as it is to see the product in clubs, I’m more delighted with all the positive feedback and how quickly the tissue has become even more popular with members.

It’s further proof that taking the time to listen to our members helps us to better understand their needs, and to meet or exceed them, at a terrific value.

And at Sam’s Club, that’s the bottom line.

Pam Thompson is the Personal Paper Senior Buyer for Sam’s Club. Pam started with Wal-Mart Stores Inc. in 1993 and has been with Sams Club for the past 10 years.