The temperatures outside may be cold, but the chill in the air doesn’t have to negatively impact your New Year’s resolution to start living a healthier life. For millions of us, dropping that resolution is every bit as easy as making it. Just know that Sam’s Club and Healthy Living Made Simple are here to help you on this lifelong journey to well-being.

If you need a shot of motivation to get out and get active, look no further than our cover story on U.S. Army veteran Noah Galloway. We’re honored that Noah chose to share his incredible journey on our pages. During his second deployment to Iraq in 2005, Galloway’s vehicle struck an improvised explosive device (IED), resulting in the loss of his left arm and leg. A no-excuses approach to his rehabilitation, along with the mental and physical toughness that helped him transform his body, serves as inspiration to us all.

These first months of the new year mark the start, or restart, of health care coverage for many people. Over the years, no matter what type of coverage you have, the industry has changed. Our story on this topic shows the influence of patient/consumer spending on health care, and how marketing and advertising have impacted the public’s spending.

As we age, the risk of injury due to falls increases. More than 300,000 people age 65 and older are hospitalized for hip fractures each year. Our Caregiver’s Commitment story provides important information about helping your loved one through a hip replacement.
Our goal at Healthy Living Made Simple is to provide our members a reliable and valuable health and wellness destination. The healthy foods we carry, our award-winning Pharmacy, Hearing Aid and Optical Centers, and the wide-ranging products you’ll find in- club and online show how important your health is to Sam’s Club.

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Jill Turner-Mitchael
Registered Pharmacist Senior Vice President, Consumables & Health and Wellness.