U.S. Army veteran Noah Galloway, who lost part of his left arm and left leg in the Iraq War, shares his no-excuses approach to living a healthy life to its fullest in the January/February cover story. Upon returning home, his transformation had only just begun. Here’s what he had to say about turning obstacles into opportunities.

Q: How did you stay motivated in the gym post-injury? And where does that motivation come from?

A: My motivation came from wanting to be better from the inside out. I feel better when I am active and healthy. After my depression, I wanted to feel good again, and that motivated me. It wasn’t about arrogance, it was about feeling better and being better.

Q: What advice would you share with our readers who may be trying to start a fitness regimen?

A: Whether you’re getting fit, losing weight or building endurance, it doesn’t happen overnight. Have patience with yourself and keep at it. You will see results, but it’s going to take time. It might take a month or 6 months, but you will see them if you are dedicated and patient.

Q: How did you find new ways to focus on your fitness?

A: I added in competitions, races and obstacle courses. It kept things new and exciting for me.

Q: Upon returning to your active self, you faced a new challenge in regards to cardio conditioning; what did you do to improve your endurance?

 A: I started doing high intensity interval training. I really needed to build up my endurance for the races and obstacle courses, and it was the perfect way to do that.

Q: As everyone is a work in progress, what do you envision for your future self?

 A: Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and my fitness is a priority for me. Too often it’s easy to find reasons to take breaks from our healthy routines and let everything go—e.g. vacation and holidays. My goal is to keep it up so I don’t have to struggle to get ready for whatever I’m doing, and to show my kids how to live a healthy life without going to extremes. I don’t want them to obsess over it; I just want them to be healthy, and I have to show them how to do that.